Interview with the artist


Q.  What is digital painting and why are you involved in this new art form?


A.  To me digital art encompasses any of the new art forms such as; digital painting, filmmaking, photography, etc. that uses computers and software to create the final art. I became involved in this form of expression in the 90’s when computers and technology became a part of our lives.  I used to work in oils but felt that today’s technology allowed me to create art that was a truer reflection of the times we live in.  Technology and computers are an integral part of our everyday lives; it seemed natural to use these same tools to echo our society.


Q.  Why is their so much controversy in the art world around digital art?


A.  I think controversy has always existed around new forms of art as they appeared on the scene.  A good comparison would be the introduction of fine art photography in the early 1900’s. This was a new technology that the art community believed took the skill out of creating art by hand.  It was rejected and ridiculed in the art world.  Over time the thinking changed, and a long time ago photography became a legitimate and collectable art form.  I think the same thing is going on with digital art today.  A prejudice exists that art forms are easier to create with software and computers and therefore takes less artistic skill than with more traditional methods.  The truth is that an artist’s eye and skills are just as necessary to create compelling art in the digital world.





Self Portrait - 2012

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