The tools / software

The primary software I use is the Adobe Creative Suite, CS6. The programs I use most are Photoshop and Illustrator. I have used other software programs in the past for 3D modeling, but the newest version of Photoshop now includes a sophisticated 3D rendering program that matches up against the best in this category. I use Illustrator, which is a drawing program, and a Wacom drawing tablet to create the hundreds of complex elements that I use to create my artwork. When ready, I import these intricate elements into Photoshop to begin building the final composition.


The art

My years of working in commercial art and photography have made me an expert in color space and digital color output. I work with several fine art color houses in New York City to create my final art.  They are partners in my process who understand the nuances of my work and help bring my vision to life. The lab must completely understand what I am trying to achieve with the piece and what emotion I am trying to convey. They suggest papers, inks, mounting materials, coatings, framing and handle shipping. I may use an ink jet process or a digital color print process to achieve my final product. We will run color tests and proofs before creating the final art. I sometimes use aluminum, glass, acrylic or other metals as a substrate that is then printed on to create the final image. The process is costly and time consuming. It can take 2-3 weeks to output, mount and frame a final piece. For me this is the most exciting part of my process and requires creativity, technical expertise, and craftsmanship. This is where the ultimate vision comes to life. Depending on the image, I will create one final gallery print or a limited edition series of signed and numbered prints.


Faithless - 2009 -

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