Blue Noise - 2007

Interview with the artist (continued)



Q.  As an artist, you were trained to use old-school tools.  How would you describe the main differences in how you work now vs. then?


A. Regardless of the tools, my objective is to create compelling artwork. I have always started with a concept or visual statement in mind. The differences between doing an oil painting and a digital painting are not that great. With my digital work their still is a lot of drawing involved--I am just using a stylus instead of a pencil.  When I painted in oils I used to use a lot of glazes to build up depth and color and with today’s software I still use the same slow process of multiple layers which are built up to achieve depth and power.  I think the main differences are in two areas. My digital work takes 2-3 times longer than an oil painting because the work is so much more complex, and I have to go through additional costly steps to produce the final piece.  Overall, though, my creative process has remained very similar from medium to medium.


Q.  If digital art takes so much longer and is more costly, why not return to more traditional methods like oil painting?


A. I think about that question often. It would be very nice to put the final brush stroke on a painting and walk away and be done. When I finish a digital painting I have lot of additional work before the final piece can be physically realized.  As an artist I believe using todays tools, meaning technology, let’s me speak more eloquently about today’s world.  I want to create beautiful work but I also want it to be reflective of the society we live in and how we conduct our lives. After experiencing both mediums I feel that digital technology is more in tune with life today.


Q.  If you were talking to a collector who was somewhat hesitant to purchase one of your works, what would you say to them?


A. First, I would point out that for millennia, there have been art collectors who have shown extraordinary vision about new art forms and movements.  This is how change and innovation occur.   A NYC collector who was attracted to my work launched my digital art career a few years ago.  To them it was compelling and fresh and they were not concerned with the “new” medium used to create it.







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