Custom work and portrait commissions


It is not unusual for individuals who love my high-energy style and unique compositions to desire a custom piece created just for them.


I have executed contemporary portraits and custom artwork for collectors, organizations, and corporations. The subjects have included; CEO portraits, collector portraits, couples, and large custom abstract pieces to fit a unique space or motif.


If you would like to discuss a commissioned work for your home or office please contact me directly. I have also worked closely with architects or interior designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces for an unusual space or discerning client. No matter how unusual or difficult your request, I can usually work out a successful solution.


I have included some recent commissions as an example to what is possible and the diverse range of styles I can produce.


Please call me directly so that we can discuss your custom art.


201 207 4719


View Examples of past commissions

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